Price guide

Sarah Burns Orthodontics hopes to make these new treatments available to all, as such we have various in-house payment plans to help spread the cost of your treatment. You will be given a cost for your entire course of orthodontic treatment following your initial consultation. This figure includes the cost of retainers and any follow up visits that may be necessary. This price will not change, even if your treatment takes longer than anticipated.

Initial consultation
Approx 30 minutes appointment from which we will be able to send you a quote. FREE
Comprehensive consultation
Includes x-rays, models and photographs of your teeth followed by a discussion of options available. We will then send you a quote for the treatment to be completed. If you proceed with treatment the cost will be credited toward the cost of your braces. £125
Lingual braces
Upper and lower From £7800
Upper or lower From £4400
Lite upper and lower From £6000
Lite upper or lower From £3250
Replacement lingual wire £75
Replacement lingual bracket £95
Ceramic braces
Upper and lower adult From £4900
Upper and lower child From £4000
Upper or lower adult From £2800
Upper or lower child From £1950
Metal braces
Upper and lower adult From £4100
Upper and lower child From £3000
Upper or lower adult From £2400
Upper or lower child From £1800
The above costs include all appointments to adjust the appliances, any emergency appointments that may be necessary and any laboratory bills. There will be an additional cost for x rays.
Upper and lower fixed retainer £500
Upper and lower removable retainer £300
Upper or lower fixed retainer £250
Upper or lower removable retainer £150
After the braces are removed the fixed retainer is guaranteed for one year and any breakages during this time are repaired free of charge. Follow up visits to review the retention are charged at £120 per visit, normally there would be 3 follow visits in the 18 months following removal of your appliances.
Removable braces
Invisalign teen £3750
Invisalign full £3900
Invisalign lite £2700
Invisalign i7 £1700
Functional appliance From £1750
Removable appliances From £1150
Replacement retainers
Removable – Hawley or Essix £125 – £275
Fixed retainer £225 – £595
Pre payment

A 5% discount is offered if you wish to pay for your entire course of orthodontic treatment in advance.

Spreading the cost

Alternatively, you can pay for your orthodontic treatment in smaller monthly instalments. An initial payment of 40% followed by between 5 and 10 payments each time we adjust your brace. We will then ask you to pay a smaller amount, usually about £300 - £400, each time we see you to adjust your brace. We are always happy to discuss any alternative financial arrangement that may suit you better.

British Lingual Orthodontic Society
British Orthodontic Society
Royal College of Surgeons