Facial bioremodelling

Profhilo® is not actually a dermal filler but is a completely new product altogether. Using patented technologies, it has been engineered for ‘skin bioremodelling’.

The revolutionary idea at the heart of this product is of ‘curing’ wrinkles rather than ‘filling’ them.

A balanced hyaluronic acid product, free from impurities and additives (offering greater safety and reduced side effects).

Effectively stimulates production of both your natural collagen and elastin to renew your skin from within. 

Proven safety record and results, and the product was awarded the international Anti-Ageing and Beauty Trophy for ‘Best Skin Enhancement Device’ at the AMEC Congress in Paris October 2015

We are delighted to be one of the only aesthetic clinics outside of the London area able to offer this innovative skin-enhancing treatment.

Compared with Dermal Fillers, the key benefits of Profhilo® are:

  1. Quicker treatments with reduced discomfort since only 5 points of injection are needed to treat the whole face

  2. Long-lasting results which improve over time

  3. Fewer treatment sessions required

  4. No swelling following treatment

  5. Less chance of bruising

  6. Results are immediately visible, natural-looking yet noticeable rejuvenation of all treated areas; including reduced nasolabial fold (nose-to-mouth lines) depth and even improvements to the under eye area.

Profhilo® works to remodel your skin:

  1. Stimulates production of all four types of collagen and elastin in the skin (the only product that can do this!)

  2. Improves skin tone, texture, hydration and radiance

  3. Increases firmness and elasticity – for healthier, softer skin with more ‘bounce’

  4. Increases facial fullness, with a tightening and lifting effect


Facial bioremodelling FAQs

Generally, 1-2 days post-treatment with full effect visible after around one week. In some patients improvement is not visible after one visit but would be after the second treatment.

This is broadly the same as for other injection treatments. We particularly recommend that you:

  • Use a cold pack to the soothe the area and reduce any swelling or redness

  • Stay well-hydrated

  • Initial treatment is two treatments approximately 4-6 weeks apart

  • Top up required after approximately 4-6 months with single treatment

There is minimal downtime but we advise you to take care to avoid the following after treatment:

  • Sports and physical exertion for first day

  • Further cosmetic treatments for at least 2 days

  • Extreme temperatures like a sauna or steam room for at least two days

  • Avoid dental procedures for at least two weeks

  • We will make sure you have all the information you need both before and after treatment. We are only at the end of the phone or on email should you have any questions/concerns following any treatment.

    Profhilo® treatment requires small injections in 5 specific facial points. This will remodel and rejuvenate your whole face. The treatment is quick and easy.

    Around 4-6 months for most people following your second treatment

    Facial bioremodelling price guide

    Single treatment £275
    Two treatments £500
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